Earning money through Nuffnang

Nuffnang is Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore blog advertising company to let blogger earn money using their blog. Sign up to Nuffnang is very easy. Don’t need to qualify for any requirement, so it is a good start up for a new blogger. Once your site keep growing, you can make money with Nuffnang, or once your traffic is enough to apply for others premium advertising company, then just move.

Earning Money through,

Cost per impression ads (CPM), 

On Nuffnang, they called CPM as buffered earning. To get assigned for buffered earnings from Nuffnang is something subjective. Not all bloggers will be assigned with CPM. If your blog received CPM or buffered earning ads running on your blog, then your money can easily growing.

Cost per click (CPC), 

It is a normal type of ads runs on any advertisement company. The problem is, Nuffnang ads is really looks like a Nuffnang with the Nuffnang symbol sometimes takes a lot of spaces. People do not like to click on ads. It is the fact that all of bloggers know. That’s why most of bloggers would prefer CPM ads.

Cost per lead (CPL) or Cost per action

Nuffnang owns Churp Churp. A website selling deal just like Milk Deal or Groupon. Every sales make from the ads appeared on your blog will give you certain amount of money.

Advertorial post

This is the most lucrative advertising method on Nuffnang. Not all bloggers able to get offered with advertorial post. If you received that offers, four digits money surely be yours.

Good Luck in making money with Nuffnang. :)


Nath said...

hope you're earning some money from Nuffnang, I never know the advertorial post will be 4 digits. I always thought it's only 3 LOL

Cathleen said...

Nath: Same to you too. Thanks for visit my blog and your lovely comments. Will help you on earning money from Nuffnang. :)

Smooth Criminal F said...

Thanks for the info ^^

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