DIY Paper Flower Bouquets

Thanks to Oh Happy Day I came across this lovely Paper Flower Cone Bouquets! What a good combination of ice cream and flowers, just can't stop admiring. These DIY Paper Flower Cone Bouquets are so much fun for any occasion.

Step 1: Using Jordan’s party hat template, scale down the size to fit your cone and draw it diagonally on the striped paper.
Step 2: Cut around the template.
Step 3: Wrap it around the cone and secure it with double-sided tape.

Step 4: For the flowers, I created a rose from my tutorial here.
Step 5: Glue gun the skewer to the inside of the flower and hold in place until dry.
Step 6: Cut out leaves from the green paper.
Step 7: Roll them around a pencil to create shape.
Step 8: Dab some glue onto the tip of the leaf and attach to the cone paper.
Step 9: Voila!

Images from their respective owner Oh Happy Day


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Thanks Apple. Have a nice day :)

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