Cake Pops

Cakes used to be straightforward as they were round, square or rectangular, topped with butter icing and some colored icing flower.  As things get more complicated in this new century, cakes too, have become more complex. Now, we have cake popssss :) 

Here Kitty, Kitty! 

Spring Chickens..chirp chirp

Wedding Cake Pops...Love this :) 

It was during this period four years ago, that cake pop was born. It was hot stuff in the United States and as a big vote of confidence, even Starbucks began selling cake pops at its coffeehouses there.
Its origin, however, is unclear although many attribute it to the website bakerella.com where the blogger has been introducing her cake pops since January 2008.
A cake pop is essentially a cake on a lollipop stick, hence the name. 
Have a pop and find it yourself  and check out the video about cake pops :)

Images from Bakerella.com

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