Wedding Cupcakes

Aren't they darling? Feel very sayang to eat it.

Yesterday Janice attend a wedding and she received this lovely cupcakes as a dedication. Well, this lovely lady gave me the cupcake because she knew that I will like it! (you really can read my mind ya :p)~ I just can't stop admiring when I saw those cupcakes. Very pretty and adorable. Those cupcakes was placed in a box. Anyway, I really hope that I can own a oven in my hostel then I can bake something yummy :) :)

Arigato! Japanese style :)

Check out this blog, if you like those cupcakes :) I found it in the cupcake box!


Nava.K said...

Very creative looking.

Cathleen Chong said...

Thanks for stopping by again Nava :) Yea. Very creative, feel very very sayang to eat it :D :D

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