Early Birthday Surprise

Early birthday surprise from my friends! I love this so much, this really surprised me. This big two two making my birthday truly memorable :) Time flies that I have been here for almost 2 and half years (looking back it was like yesterday!) Therefore, this would be my last birthday celebration with friends in my University life. Actually uni life sometimes is quite boring because everyday life is the same,and dull.Get up to have class,do some exercises,go bed. The other day is coming. Luckily with all my crazy gang, they make it not boring but interesting. We always have lot of fun together :) Looking forward for our future trips! Like what people always said: Life is short, make the most of it.

It's always good to hang out with group of friends and I'm glad I get to know all of you.

My friends ask me: Are you happy? Of course I am happy! Look at the photo I smile with my eyes squint closed almost :p

Us at Town Restaurant Steamboat or 火锅之家, Penang.
 ( Did you notice that everyone is wearing balck T except me..haha. This is one of the suprise too!)

P/S: Thanks you for making my birthday truly memorable although this is my first birthday away from home. Anyway, more than words. Thank you!


Sharon said...

Yoyoyo!! Super nice! Your background and your blog too. SO memorable~ Hope you enjoy playing with us! Dear, early wishes for you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 52014! Hahaha! Friendship Forever! :D

Cathleen said...

Hehe! Thanks dear! Yes. I did enjoy myself. Thanks for evrything :) frienship forever. Love you!

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