Bako National Park

Last august, my uni friends come to visit me in kuching. I decided to bring them to Bako National Park, which I never been there too. LOL~ Anyway, i think this is the best place where you should be if you are in kuching.

How to get there? Take a bus ride from Kuching to Bako Market which takes around 45 minutes to reach there. From there, it's a 30-minute boat ride (RM 80 return for the whole boat) along the river estuary to the park headquarters. Tell your boatman what time you plan to return to Kuching. No worries! He will wait for you at the dock. 
Along the river estuary~ Nice weather + Nice Scenery :)
Here is it! Bako National Park! I never knew it was so beautiful!

There are 16 jungle trails that are well maintained and clearly marked with different of colour. 16 jungles trails as follows.

1) Tanjung Sapi (0.5km, approx 0.5 hr walking)
2) Telok Paku (0.8km, approx 1 hr walking)
3) Ulu Assam (0.8km, approx 1.5 hr walking)
4) Telok Delima (0.25km, approx 1 hr walking)
5) Serait (1.25km, approx 1.5 hr walking)
6) Telok Pandan Kecil (1.5km, approx 1.5 hr walking)
7) Telok Pandan Besar (0.75km, approx 1 hr walking)
8) Tajor (2.75km, approx 2.5 hr walking)
9) Tanjung Rhu (1.8km, approx 2.5 hr walking)
10)Ulu Serait (2.75km, approx 3 hr walking)
11)Bukit Gondol (2km, approx 4.5 hr walking
12)Paya Jelutong (0.8km, approx 1 hr walking)
13)Bukit Keruing (2.25km, approx 3.5 hr walking)
14)Telok Sibur (0.8km, approx 3.5 hr walking
15)Telok Limau (5.75km, approx 7 hr walking)
16)Telok Keruin (0.8km, approx 1 hr walking)

 On the way toTelok Panda Kecil * Beware of the monkeys* Scary!

The trademark of Bako National Park

For those who love nature, this is one of the best place where you should be. Bako national Park offers much that one can ever imagine. Have a nice day :)

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