Padang besar

Life is a highway

This photo was taken during our padang besar trip:)

driving in Padang besar highway is quite an interesting experience.You can imagine in the middle of the day on this stretch of roads and literally you can count a handful of vehicles you encounter. It can be pretty boring without a plan in your head,taking a photo in the middle of the road.Otherwise you can continuously slap your face to keep you awake until you get to your distination. But luckilly we are not driving alone.hehe. Jaclyn who is the driver and the others that is Sharon, Janice, Carrie and me. After 45 mins we arrived the destination. We bought lots of things espeacially junk food for chinese new year. I enjoy hanging with them.


Sharon said...

I like it. Girl. So happy can go with you all. Cant forget it! =)

Cathleen Chong said...

hehehe..i din upload the thgs tat we bought yet:)haha..me too..reali v happy...waiting for our nxt trip:)

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